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Pastor’s Corner – Winter 2024

Here in Michigan the long grey winter is arriving. Sunrise and sunset are not very far apart, and in between we get more than our fair share of cloud covered skies. Doctors in the region do not even bother to test for Vitamin D, which you can absorb through sunlight. They simply tell everyone to add a supplement to their diet from September through May.

Vitamin D might not be the only supplement we need to get through another cold and dark Michigan winter. Aside from the Snowbirds, those of us left behind in the winter landscape need something to feed our souls and spirits.

Maybe we can all use a dose of Vitamin J: J for Jesus!

Christmas helps of course, but the days after Christmas are a gift as well. It is as season we call Epiphany. These are days we celebrate Jesus coming as a gift to the whole world. We mark events in his ministry. We remember calling disciples and healing broken people. We give thanks for the gift of Jesus is to all nations.

May our time together whether in person or virtually, point to the hope of the promise of the gospel. May the music lift spirits and the shining radiance of Jesus brighten these days.

And together may we all get enough of a dose of Vitamin D and Vitamin J so see us through.


Pr Paul Walters