Pastor’s Corner – Spring 2024

There is a weight in the world these days. Wars and rumors of wars continue. We seem trapped in an unending election cycle. Even as economic factors seem to be improving there is worry and anxiety over the future. Here is the gift of the church in general and Lutheran Church of the Master in… Read more »

Pastor’s Corner – Winter 2024

Here in Michigan the long grey winter is arriving. Sunrise and sunset are not very far apart, and in between we get more than our fair share of cloud covered skies. Doctors in the region do not even bother to test for Vitamin D, which you can absorb through sunlight. They simply tell everyone to… Read more »

Pastor’s Corner – September 20th

Blessings to you in these days. It is a relief to feel like the world is beginning to discover a new normal after the chaos of the previous years. Still, things remain unsettled in places and there is more than enough worry and anxiety to go around. Ancient traditions and practices, are gifts of the… Read more »

Pastor Corner April 12th

Grace and peace to you, At a recent congregation council meeting (the church’s governing board) people shared their response to this question: When did you feel excited, hopeful, and fulfilled as a council member? The responses were interesting. One member reflected on some strategic planning and visioning exercises. He found it hopeful to think clearly… Read more »

Pastor’s Corner for February

It is good to take time to ponder important questions. At a recent congregation council meeting we reflected on this question: How has your faith been impacted through the ministry of Lutheran Church of the Master? It is easy to focus on the business of the church at council meetings. It is easy to take… Read more »

Welcome Back!

Welcome back one and all. Whether that is a welcome you receive as you worship online or in person, “Welcome Back!” Welcome back as the world begins to return to the way things used to be before. Welcome back as we discover the new reality of the world ahead of us. As we look towards… Read more »

Celebrity Interviews

Celebrity Interviews with Paul is a new regular feature on the LCM Facebook page. About a year ago I started recording interviews with members of the congregation on Zoom and sharing them through YouTube. At some point I branched out and started talking to friends with interesting jobs, local politicians, and others. Everyone has a… Read more »



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