Why Give

Thanks be to God for the gracious generosity of the people of Lutheran Church of the Master. The gifts of the people support the mission and ministry of this congregation as we proclaim the good news of Jesus in our community and in our world.

At LCM we invite people to be generous according to their means. When we all respond together in faith amazing things happen.

For over 50 years LCM has been a presence in the community, and together we look with hope and promise to what the next 50 years will bring.



This part of our offering is given to the Southeast Michigan Synod and through them to the ELCA and supports the wider ministry of the church.


This area for sharing helps to serve others through our support of local, state, national and international charities. Everything given to this fund is given away outside LCM.


This part of our offerings provides the funding for diverse congregational programs including Worship & Music, Christian Education, Adult Education, Fellowship, Faith Community Nurse Ministry and many more.


This part of our offerings provides the funding for everything we need to run the office and communicate with the congregation.


This part of our offerings provides for the large number of staff people who serve our congregation. In addition to our pastor we employ a full time Secretary, a Music Director/Organist, a Parish Worker, and a Youth Director.


This part of our offerings funds everything from the mortgage on the building to utilities and upkeep and repair of the facility.


How much should I give?

We invite people to be generous according to their means. This can be more challenging than it seems. Each fall folks at LCM are invited to make a pledge or commitment of financial support for the coming year. Your generosity allows the ministry here to flourish.

What is the Unified Fund?

The Unified Fund covers pretty much everything we do here at LCM. It includes funds to pay the mortgage and light bill, staff salaries, snow removal, funds for our youth groups, fellowship activities, Christian education and more. Unlike other churches LCM does not have a large number of designated accounts.

What is the Samaritan Fund?

The Samaritan Fund is money we use to support ministries outside the congregation. Each year 100% of funds given to the Samaritan Fund are given away. We regularly support Troy People Concerned, an emergency relief organization in Troy, Mother of the Savior Lutheran Church, an Arabic speaking Lutheran Church in Dearborn, MI, and Living Water Ministries, our Synod’s camping ministry. In addition we support a wide variety of organizations both domestic and international, many of which are recommended by folks at LCM.

Can I give electronically?

Yes you can. Our congregation uses the service Simply Giving as a convenient way to give regularly to LCM. Simply follow this link here to create a secure account for yourself.

Can I donate stocks or other appreciated assets?

Yes you can. Please contact the church office at 248-643-0176 to find out the process for this.

How do I find out how much I gave last year?

Everyone with an offering envelope will receive quarterly statements and an annual report of giving. If you have further questions please contact the church office at 248-643-0176.

What is the endowment fund for?

The LCM Mission Endowment Fund is intended to be a resource to begin new ministries within the congregation and generally further the outreach of the congregation. At this time the fund is in a building phase and once it grows to a sustainable level funds will be drawn off on a regular basis.

Can I remember LCM in my will?

We encourage folks to remember the LCM Mission Endowment Fund in their estate plans. Contact your estate planner for specifics for doing this. Once you have remembered LCM in your estate plans please notify the church office so we can continue to celebrate your generosity.