History of LCM

Lutheran Church of the Master began on July 1, 1963 with the mission developer of Pastor C. William Herndon-Pearson.

The first service was held on November 3, 1963 at Poppleton School.


    • On January 5, 1964, 33 adult members signed the Church charter.
    • November 1, 1964: LCM became a congregation with 61 confirmed members and 48 baptized children.
    • January 8, 1967: Ground breaking services were held for the new building at 3333 Coolidge.
    • December 17, 1967: The church building was completed and Reverend James Blair was installed as pastor.
    • In 1968, Gavin Wilson made the Cross, Lectern, and the Altar table.
    • 1974: Reverend Peter Martyn was called to serve as pastor. You can read Pr. Martyn’s sermons here.
    • 1979: The church held the 15th Anniversary, hired their first church secretary, purchased 150 Lutheran Books of Worship and sponsored a Vietnamese refugee family.
    • January 20, 1980: Reverend Thomas Barbret was installed as pastor.
    • 1982: The new addition was dedicated. Membership was over 450 with around 180 attending services on a regular basis.
    • 1983 & 1984: Brought relationships with Somerset School and the Troy Jewish Congregation.
    • March 15, 1987: The dedication of present sanctuary with space for 325 people in a semi-round configuration. The prior sanctuary became the Luther Hall and is home to fellowship, teaching, volleyball, basketball and other congregational activities.
    • Late 1980’s: Reverend Robert Shade was called as a part-time associate pastor.
    • December, 1988: The first year that the life-sized outdoor Nativity scene.
    • 1995-1996: We built our new lounge, nursery, and high school room.
    • 1998: Steve Schlesing, an award-winning theater organist, began as our Music Director and Organist and a new organ was installed a year later.
    • In fall of 1999 Terry Daly was called to serve as teaching pastor.
    • In 2010, Pastor Tom Barbret retired after 30 years of service with Lutheran Church of the Master.
    • In September 2010, Pastor Paul Walters was called to serve as pastor.
    • In 2013, as part a building refresh campaign the church gave the first $10,000 to build a kitchen at the Niapanda School in Tanzania, Africa. The remaining amount raised went towards the Narthex and making the bathrooms handicap accessible.
    • Throughout 2014 we celebrated our 50th Anniversary with a fellowship events and a renewed emphasis on serving in the community.
    • September 2014 we packaged over 10,000 meals working with Kids Against Hunger.
    • In Spring of 2015 we framed a house in the parking lot and donated it to the local Habitat for Humanity chapter.
    • Thanksgiving Day 2015 marked the 1st annual Mighty Gobbler 5k www.mightygobbler.com with over 250 runners.
    • In September 2016 we packaged over 20,000 meals working with Kids Against Hunger.
    • In January of 2017 the staff was expanded to include the position of Faith Community Nurse.


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