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Pastor’s Corner – September 20th

Blessings to you in these days.

It is a relief to feel like the world is beginning to discover a new normal after the chaos of the previous years. Still, things remain unsettled in places and there is more than enough worry and anxiety to go around.

Ancient traditions and practices, are gifts of the church. The pattern of regular worship, with familiar prayers and rhythms are precious. It can provide a sense of stability and comfort in times of conflict, chaos, and confusion.

The Lord’s Prayer and the Apostles’ Creed ground us. Hearing, “The Lord be with you.” And automatically responding, “And also with you.” These habits and practices help to sow seeds of faith deep within us.

Whether you gather in person or at a distance, whether you are there Sunday morning or joining on YouTube on a weekday afternoon, you are a blessing to the assembly and a holy gift.

Through our worship, may you be drawn ever closer to the God who brought all things into being, to the Son brings resurrection and life through the cross, and to the Holy Spirit who gathers us all.


Pr Paul Walters