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Christmas Message

I have a dog, Vinny is his name. He is some sort of mutt, maybe Great Pyrenees and Golden Retriever? He is a fairly calm 115 pounds or so. What I do not have is a fenced in yard. That means four or five times a day Vinny gets a walk.

I will admit there are mornings in the middle of winter when I dream of a fenced in yard allowing me to send the dog outside in the cold to do his business while I sip coffee and watch from inside. Still, once I get bundled up, get outside and get going, I am glad for the time outside. I love experiencing the fullness of the seasons. I like feeling the heat of summer and the bitter cold winds from the north in the winter. I love watching the progress of the moon and the changing light in the night.

During Christmas we celebrate God coming in the form of a human child, experiencing the fullness of our lives. In January we celebrate the gift of that same Christ coming to all people. It is this Jesus who walks with us through the totality of our lives. It is Jesus with us in the days when everything is perfect and life couldn’t be better. It is Jesus who walks with us when life is hard.

Walking Vinny in every kind of weather reminds me of the gift of Jesus, who travels with me through the weather of this life as well. I could say more, but it is time for Vinny’s walk.

May God guide your steps and guard your ways this and every day.