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Celebrity Interviews

Celebrity Interviews with Paul is a new regular feature on the LCM Facebook page. About a year ago I started recording interviews with members of the congregation on Zoom and sharing them through YouTube.

At some point I branched out and started talking to friends with interesting jobs, local politicians, and others. Everyone has a story to tell and everyone has some expertise to share.

You can check out all of the interviews at YouTube!

Below are some highlights from interviews you
might have missed but are worth your time:

Pr. Ben Stewart is a professor at The Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago. He and Pr. Walters discuss the green burial movement.

Dr. Trini Matthew, Infectious Disease doctor talks all things COVID from vaccines to PPE.

Sir Marcus Robinson, Knight of Sufferlandria, is an African American man living Colorado. An avid cyclist he created the Ride for Racial Justice to dismantle systemic racism so that EVERYONE can feel safe, free, and empowered to ride a bicycle.

Tony Abuaita, owner of Good Shepherd Travel, talks about Holy Land Pilgrimages and life for people today in the West Bank.

Rob Owen is a TV critic and can tell you why the laugh track disappeared and every show has to have a long running plot.